520 LED Warm White Fairy Light Chain


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520 LED Fairy Light Chain - Warm White p


  • 520 Warm White LEDs
  • 51.9m Light Length
  • 7m Lead Wire
  • 58.9m Total Length
  • Low Voltage Australian Adaptor
  • 8 hrs ON/16hrs OFF Timer
  • Output: 31V DC 8.4W
  • CABLE: Dark Green
  • Timer Function: To activate the timer function, simply press and hold the button on the transformer box for 3 seconds until signal light on. The handy timer function allows you to leave the lights switched on; they will remain illuminated for 8 hours, before turning off for 16 hours and then turning back on at the same time as the previous day.

" Indoor and Outdoor Use (Keep the plug indoor)

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